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Geothermal power for Critical Infrastructure Facilities 

Aviation, Ports & Maritime, Rail & Mass Transit, Water Facilities

Critical Infrastructure Facilities (CIF) are the backbone of a nation's economy and facilities are looking for more efficient ways to maintain quality operations without power interruption. 


  • Key Infrastructure 

  • Ports & Maritime

  • Desalination

  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities


TEP's geothermal solution can provide a scaleable, renewable, resilient and base-load power source to Critical Infrastructure Facilities.


Our facility, design and construction projects include renewable energy initiatives to help meet a facility’s energy security goals. 


We plan, permit, design, build, and provide operations and maintenance for sophisticated geothermal power plants to produce a renewable base-load power source 24/7, 365 days per year.


TEP operates under Power Purchase Agreements, which evolve into long-term alliances and partnerships with our clients. By leveraging our own private capital combined with insurance coverage, TEP offers a simplified project delivery model to deliver cost savings and reduce risk.

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