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Leadership Team

Bruce Cutright

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Cutright serves as TEP's Chief Executive Officer to lead the management team and the firm's unique model of base-load renewable power. As a geothermal industry expert, Mr. Cutright has outlined innovated techniques for geothermal production of electricity through unconventional geothermal resources across vast portions of the world and has highlighted synergistic opportunities with the oil and gas industry.


Mr. Cutright has developed TEP’s geothermal resource database and its innovative heat to electricity production model that leverages proven resources to deliver onsite power 24/7. His ongoing activities include the role of principal investigator for an assessment of the geothermal energy resources worldwide, and is a member of the State of Texas Advanced Resource Recovery Program. Mr. Cutright contributed geothermal data to populate the National Geothermal Database and worked as principal investigator at the Bureau of Economic Geology collaborating with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories examining the utility of using supercritical carbon dioxide for heat extraction in low permeability sediments.


His thirty-five years of experience in private industry include profit and loss responsibilities in the one to two billion dollar-plus range that included supervision of over $1.5B of active construction projects and another $2.5B in the planning, design or pre-construction phases. Mr. Cutright's research has proven that unconventional geothermal resources are almost everywhere and that the United States is capable of producing more than three million megawatts of green power — 10 times the installed capacity of coal power plants today. 

Daniel Pfeffer



Daniel Pfeffer is President of Thermal Energy Partners LLC and is responsible for the company’s strategic direction as a retail electric provider and renewable power generation company.  Mr. Pfeffer also oversees the company's day-to-day operations and development of business strategy initiatives.


Prior to joining TEP, Mr. Pfeffer was Executive Managing Director and Co-Founder of New World Realty Advisors, LLC where he received numerous accolades for his work related to highly complex financial structuring, hybrid tax based financing structures and tax credit utilization. 


Prior to New World Realty, Mr. Pfeffer served for 12 years as President, and Co-Founder of an investment fund in New York where he oversaw a large, diverse multi-disciplined portfolio of investment and development projects.  Previously,  Mr. Pfeffer was a Vice President at GE Capital.  Mr. Pfeffer received a BA from the University of Rochester and an MBA from NYU.


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