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Geothermal power for Oil & Gas facilities

Upstream, Midstream, Downstream & Petrochemical Plants

With growing demands for reliable power, Oil & Gas facilities are looking for more efficient ways to maintain operations without interruption. Power failures, process malfunctions and natural disasters result in production losses and compromise worker safety.


Power outage impacts on operations include; 

  • Financial Performance

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Plant Safety

  • Environmental Concerns

  • Negative Publicity


TEP's geothermal solution can provide a renewable and reliable self-sufficient source of power for upstream, midstream and downstream facilities. 


Our facility, design and construction projects include renewable energy initiatives to help meet a facility’s energy security goals. 


We plan, permit, design, build, and provide operations and maintenance for sophisticated geothermal power plants to produce a renewable base-load power source 24/7, 365 days per year.


TEP operates under Power Purchase Agreements, which evolve into long-term alliances and partnerships with our clients. By leveraging our own private capital combined with insurance coverage, TEP offers a simplified project delivery model to deliver cost savings and reduce risk.

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