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Geothermal Energy for Military bases

Thermal Energy Partners LLC offers geothermal power to U.S. military installations to enable their mission while maximizing sustainability

Geothermal power for Military Bases 


The mission of military installations is to support the troops protecting America’s people and national interests at home and abroad. These military installations and the buildings within them must operate securely and effectively – whether their function is to house military personnel and their families, train soldiers and pilots, or re-supply troops in combat zones.


Such installations must be able to meet these critical needs:


Military Self Sustainability Goals

  • Under the Energy Policy Act of 2007, and ensuing Presidential Executive Orders, military installations must reach specific energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets


Energy Security

  • Military bases must operate without interruption. To do so, they need continuous power availability that is independent of the grid if required


Mission Support

  • Every activity at a military installation supports troops. The more effectively those activities are carried out, the better the support they provide. For example, the capability to reduce energy consumption and generate electricity from renewable resources on-site at a forward base eliminates the need to truck in fossil fuels and puts fewer personnel in harm’s way.


Sustainability solutions that deliver results

TEP geothermal power services — can help bases domestically and around the world conserve energy and water, reduce operating costs, and lessen dependence on fossil fuels, particularly from foreign sources.


Energy conservation and self-sufficiency can be achieved on an installation-wide basis or with subgroups of buildings and facilities, powered by a micro-grid. That’s another way to reduce energy usage and costs while maintaining operations should a natural disaster or an attack interrupt the base’s power supply from the main grid.


Making military buildings work on a limited budget

The challenge is to finance improvement projects and remain within the Department of Defense budget. Fortunately, simple power purchase agreements with no up-front costs enable the military to work with an energy services partner such as Thermal Energy Partners so that the costs of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy are offset by the energy savings they produce.


Learn More

To learn more about how military installations can operate more securely and effectively while saving energy and money, inquire about our case studies.


To find out how we can help your buildings work more efficiently, contact us today.




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